Green-Tex Utility cloth, blue, 40x40 cm, 140-145gr


Green-Tex Utility cloth, blue, 40x40 cm, 140-145gr

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4.70 EUR / Pack
112.73 EUR / Sack


Quantity Price per (Pack)
1 Pack 4.70 EUR
1 Sack (24 Pack) 4.70 EUR
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1 Palle 288 PK
1 Pakke 1 PK
1 Sæk 24 PK
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Due to more focus on our environment we have we made this new cloth with contains no microplastic. Microplastic is small pcs. of plastic that goes into our oceans and pollutes our marine life etc. Moreover it is made of bamboo which is more sustainable and grows very fast so after 3-4 years you have a new tree. Made from a certified organic bamboo source, the Bamboo Towels are strong and absorbent. Use them wet or dry for spills, messes, cleaning, dusting, drying and more! 100% scratch- and lint free. Bamboo is one of the strongest and most absorbent natural substances. It soaks up more than 10 times as much as normal kitchen paper. Got a spill? You are better off with one of these nearby. Money saving Each sheet can be washed and reused 85 times, and with 20 sheets per pack you’ll get 1700 uses. Plus you’ll be doing the environment a big favour.
Colour Blue
Net weight (kg) 0
Wash temperature (degrees C) 60
Brand Green-Tex®
May be washed with rinse No
Minimum wash 85
Commodity Number 63025390
Packing 1x20
Size 38x38