Stadsing A/S - History




For more than half a century, Stadsing A/S has delivered cleaning and hygiene products and have taken pride in providing professional solutions - tailored to customer needs.

Stadsing A/S is the largest Danish owned supplier of cleaning products. The company was founded in 1956 by Olf Stadsing. Every night Olf Stadsing mixed cleaners in his basement and the next day he loaded them on his van and drove out to sell them.

In 2002 his sons took over Karsten and Henrik Stadsing, respectively CEO and export director. It is also Karsten and Henrik Stadsing who own the shares in the company today.

In 2017 Stadsing became part of the Swedish group OptiGroup AB, which today owns the company. During this business transaction, Karsten and Henrik Stadsing purchased a larger share in OptiGroup AB.

OptiGroup also acquired the entire Procurator group and on November 1th, 2018, Procurator in Denmark was merged with Stadsing A/S and continued as Stadsing A/S.

Despite the historical changes in the organization, Stadsing constantly focuses on innovation and optimization of savings on cleaning without forgetting the environment, ethics and ergonomics.

Constantly the focus is on innovation and optimization of the savings on cleaning, without forgetting the environment, ethics, and ergonomics.

Much has happened since Olf Stadsing started in his basement in 1956, but we have retained many of the "old" Director's values. It is still service, quality and respect for customers that permeates everything we do.

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