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Privacy policy


This website is operated and owned by:  

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Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your device (mobile, computer and other access devices) by our webpage. The purpose of this is to remember your preferences, collect statistics and target adverts. Cookies cannot contain any form of damaging code, e.g. a virus.  


Information on deleting or disabling cookies is available at:


• Website functionality: the website uses cookies to remember the preferences you make.

• Website analytics: we also use cookies in order to measure the traffic on our website as well as being able to provide our advertisers with this documentation.


The website uses cookies from Google Analytics in order to measure the traffic on our website.
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Stadsing A/S collects the personal data which you have given to us. The personal data collected by us may include your title, your name, company name, address, postal code, e-mail address and interests as well as information relating to your online purchases and similar data necessary in order for us to fulfil our obligations to you as a customer.  

Information which you have given to Stadsing:
You may provide personal data to Stadsing when you create a user account or make a purchase at our webshop, when you sign up for our newsletter, contact us via telephone or online chat, or in connection with a visit from one of our consultants etc.  

When you visit our website:

When you visit our website, we collect data about your visit in order to provide you with a relevant user experience. This data may contain information pertaining to the links you visit, which products you look at as well as information relating to your general use of and purchases on the website.  

Use of our e-mail marketing services:
In order to determine the effectiveness of our campaigns and advertising we collect data regarding your interaction with our newsletters. This includes information about whether or not the newsletter has been opened, which links have been clicked on as well as which information you have shown interest in.  

Contact information regarding personal data
If you wish to get access to the data registered about you at Stadsing, you may contact Stadsing at [email protected] or phone +45 70 15 34 00. Are any of your registered data incorrect or should you have any other requirements regarding this subject, please contact us. It is possible for you to obtain insight into which data has been collected and registered about you, and you may object to this registration according to the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (LOV no. 502 of 23/05/2018).  

Protection of personal data
According to the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (LOV no. 502 of 23/05/2018) your personal data will be stored securely and handled confidentially. We store your personal data on computers with limited access, which are placed in a controlled facility. Our precautionary measures are controlled continuously to make sure that any user information is being handled accordingly and with due account being taken of your rights as a consumer. The data is stored in the time allowed according to current legislation and will be deleted when it is no longer needed. The period of time before deletion is determined by the nature of the data and the reason for storing it. It is therefore not possible to specify a general timeframe for when the data is deleted.  

Transfer of data to other data controllers Information concerning your use of the website, which advertisements you receive and perhaps click on, your geographic location, gender, age segment etc. may be transferred to third parties in case this information is available to us in the first place. This information is used solely for the purpose of targeted adverts. You may find information on which third parties are in question in section 2 and 3 on “Cookies”.

Beyond this we use a number of third parties for the task of storing and processing data. These third parties are solely processing data on our behalf and are not entitled to utilize any of the information for their own purposes.

Transfer of personal data like your name, e-mail address etc. will only happen with your consent. We only use data processors within the EU or within countries that are able to provide your personal data with adequate precautionary measures.  

Insight and complaints
You have the right to obtain information on which of your personal data we process. You may, furthermore, at any time object to your personal data being used. You may also retract your consent allowing us to process your personal data. If any of the processed information regarding your personal data is incorrect you have the right to have it corrected or deleted. Any requests concerning this matter may be directed to: [email protected] Should you want to complain about the processing of your personal data you may also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency.

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