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Alkaline Kitchen Cleaner off., 1 L

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1 Carton (6 Pcs)
34.06 EUR
1 Pcs
5.68 EUR
In stock
A kitchen cleaner for daily use which removes grease and grime. The product contains a calcium binder, leaving you with gleaming surfaces without streaks.

Varekategori Kitchen areas
Brand Stadsing
Use on 00321106-d9f5-7993-d8cc-691de9a86ac7.jpg
Allergy information No Perfume
Form Liquid
Volume (ltr.) 1.00
pH-Consentrate 11.0
Indv. emballage PE
Outer packaging Carton
Sprayhead included No
Multilingual label Yes
Gross weight (kg) 1.050
Net weight (kg) 1.000
Commodity Number 3402909000

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