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All-in-one Dish Tabs, 80 Pcs.
All-in-one Dish Tabs, 80 Pcs.

All-in-one Dish Tabs, 80 Pcs.

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1 Carton (5 Pack)
99.51 EUR
1 Pack
19.90 EUR
Remarks: 80 pcs
In stock
A modern All-in-1 dish tab in a practical, water-soluble film so that you avoid direct contact with the product. All-in-1 leaves your dishes shiny clean and contains rinse aid and salt function as well as steel and glass protection.

  • For household dishwashers and small industrial dishwashers
  • Does not contain chlorine, perfume or fosfat
Varekategori Dish washing
Brand WeClean®
Miljømærkning Svanen.jpg
Miljø f1d1fd79-c3a7-e379-d90a-5afa297b4b44.jpg
Use on f966c400-137c-8b51-d4fc-1d1497e638eb.jpg
Allergy information No Perfume
Form Tabs
pH-Consentrate 10.8
Packing 80 pcs
Indv. emballage PE
Outer packaging Carton
Sprayhead included No
Multilingual label Yes
Sprog på etiket DK, NO, SE, GL, IS, FO, EN
Danger! c9820094-5eb7-f83d-482e-3d2a4cff5d49.jpg
Gross weight (kg) 1.500
Net weight (kg) 1.400
Commodity Number 3402909000

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