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Cotton Glove, size 9, Men

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13.49 EUR
1 Carton (25 KRT)
337.21 EUR
Remarks: 12 pcs.
In stock
A natural colored tight knit cotton glove with fingers. The glove is primarily used as a sweat-absorbing inner glove in cleaning gloves. The glove provides extra insulation in the cold and provides good comfort. Store in a dark and cool place.

Brand WeCare®
Miljø 3db2d821-ca56-8709-fc41-69e385505b85.jpg 88dd9179-d626-c331-6399-338fbeee5a92.jpg fff9a814-b045-7bc2-f982-bcd4e32905e5.jpg
Material Cotton
Størrelse 9/L
Type Textile gloves
Powderfree Yes
Packing 12 pcs.
Gross weight (kg) 0.000
Net weight (kg) 0.050
Commodity Number 61169200

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