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Dan-Mop® cleaning trolley midi 4 unassembled

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Dan-Mop® cleaning trolley midi is the middle sized trolley. This trolley is suitable for schools and nursing homes. Midi can be acquired in six varieties with different combinations of buckets and can be used for both drip mop system and microfiber system. Extra equipment: Dual colored lid for the garbage system, extra handle holder, and mop support. It is also possible to order a holder for the cleaning detergents with room for five one -liter bottles and one bottle of toilet cleanser. To hold the dirty mops and cloths, a laundry net and a garbage bag for the wash bag can be acquired.
Varekategori Cleaning trolleys
Brand Dan-Mop®
Material Stainless steel
Size wheel (mm) 100
Comes with Break, Ajustable handle
Plastic trays L50 x W35.5 x H8 cm
6 ltr. bucket/-s 2 pcs. / L24 x W27.5 x H23 cm
10 ltr. bucket/-s 1 pcs.
15 ltr. bucket/-s 2 pcs. / L52 x B19 x H27 cm
Packing 1 pcs.
Gross weight (kg) 16.500
Net weight (kg) 16.000
Delivered Sampled
Commodity Number 8716800000

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