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Dan-Mop® Quick Antibac, microfibre mop, 40 cm

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Dan-Mop® Quick Antibac in microfibre is ideal for dry, damp and wet mopping. Can be used on all surfaces. The antibacterial properties of the mop ensure that 99.9% of bacteria retained within the mop are destroyed within a few hours. The fringe is useful for uneven surfaces and adds extra moisture while cleaning, meanwhile the centre part of the mop provides an in depth cleaning thus removing stains, stuck dirt etc.

  • 99.9% of all bacteria within the mop are killed due to the antibacterial properties
  • Can be used dry, damp or wet
  • Can be washed at least 300 times
  • Fits Dan-Mop® frames item no. 2590 and 2737
Varekategori Mops
System Velcro
Brand Dan-Mop®
Miljø 4cbb7e62-42e8-cf0e-b1ff-cd8a62afe9b5.jpg c601dd8b-829f-a1da-b81c-326daa289345.jpg
Material Microfiber
Measure 40 cm
Bredde (cm) 40
Use Dry, Wet, Damp
Kantløkker Open
Washing symbols 740ee7b8-4093-adde-bee0-7e7dfdfb4835.jpg add32b21-de3b-2f27-47e8-bc1e83fd4f63.jpg
Packing 1 pcs.
Gross weight (kg) 0.200
Net weight (kg) 0.150
Commodity Number 9603909900

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