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Dan-Mop® Scrub, mop for heavy duty cleaning, 40 cm

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Dan-Mop® Scrub is ideal for heavy duty cleaning. The texture of the mop is a combination of fine and coarse, which makes it very suitable for cleaning particularly dirty surfaces and stubborn stains. The texture also makes the mop a suitable choice when cleaning non-slip floors.

  • Ideal for in-depth cleaning
  • Particularly suitable for removing stubborn stains
  • Good for cleaning non-slip floors
  • Can be washed at least 500 times
  • Fits Dan-Mop® frames item no. 2737 and 2590
Varekategori Mops
System Velcro
Brand Dan-Mop®
Miljø 4cbb7e62-42e8-cf0e-b1ff-cd8a62afe9b5.jpg
Material Nylon, Microfiber, PP ♻
Measure 40 cm
Bredde (cm) 40
Use Wet
Washing symbols dff213c2-6849-2cec-5a5f-da9728c8e3bb.jpg e20134a0-4b6e-fc01-a000-739e35fb3fc8.jpg add32b21-de3b-2f27-47e8-bc1e83fd4f63.jpg
Packing 1 pcs.
Gross weight (kg) 0.091
Net weight (kg) 0.090
Commodity Number 9603909900

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