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Drynal Cleaning Agent pro, 1 L

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1 Carton (6 Pcs)
35.78 EUR
1 Pcs
5.96 EUR
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A modern liquid universal cleaning agent for use anywhere, either for daily cleaning or for spring-cleaning. Especially suitable for cleaning floors, fixtures and fittings, woodwork, windows, stairs - in short, all washable surfaces.
Brand Stadsing
Use on e14e065a-d69a-b10f-b06d-c297c7091ad8.jpg 544624f0-4c6d-3396-a809-a89b82ad40b4.jpg
Use on Heavy cleaning
Type Liquid
Volume (ltr.) 1.00
pH-Consentrate 11.4
Indv. emballage PE
Outer packaging Carton
Ingredients Phosphate
Sprayhead included No
Multilingual label Yes
Danger! c9820094-5eb7-f83d-482e-3d2a4cff5d49.jpg
Gross weight (kg) 1.100
Net weight (kg) 1.000
Commodity Number 3402909000

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