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Stadsing Mens Jacket, navy, L

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1 Carton (10 Pcs)
736.50 EUR
1 Pcs
73.65 EUR
In stock
Brand Stadsing
Material Polyester ♻
Størrelse L
Sex Men
Washing symbols 4cdcd66a-98c6-8188-bf9c-7b28c6fd6f4d.jpg 5d83f0f3-d340-ed82-2d92-f65419b0c6e3.jpg 46e3dd7b-d35c-8390-17b2-2b34ef5fc729.jpg 6fccccd7-65e5-fc3b-338d-171d7802e1ca.jpg 62ddedf9-c28f-f6fd-e445-97ecda342ede.jpg
Gross weight (kg) 0.400
Net weight (kg) 0.400
Commodity Number 6203431100

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